Tree Service, Serving Jefferson City, MO – Stump Removal & Stump Grinding


WestCo GroundTwo stumps that need to Stump Removal Maintenance not only offers tree trimming and removal, we also offer stump removal. Instead of trying to dig up or burn your stump, give us a call. We will easily remove your tree stump by grinding it. This will save you a lot of time and money on things that might not work. Our grinding insures that your tree will not come back. We offer our stump removal services to both Jefferson City, MO businesses and residential properties.


Stump Grinding

If you simply burn or try to dig up your tree stump, there is a huge chance that it will start to grow again. With stump grinding, your tree will not start to grow back. WestCo Grounds Maintenance grinds your stump down, making sure to get all roots as well as remove the entire stump. Your ground will come back smoothly and we will even remove the remaining pieces of your tree for you. If you need stump grinding and live in the Jefferson City, MO area give us a call today. We are licensed and insured to do all types of tree services.


Tree Removal

Stump grinding is not the only tree service we offer, we will also remove trees from your Jefferson City, MO home or business. When dealing with tree and stump removal it is always important to call a professional. If done wrong, you could hurt someone or waste money doing it the wrong way. WestCo Grounds Maintenance is licensed and certified and our rates are reasonable. We have the right equipment to safely remove trees and stumps from your property.