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Landscaper Serving Columbia, MO – Landscape Water Features, Waterfalls & Ponds


Water features covers a wide range. Water features include ponds, streams, and water falls. These are all beautiful things that will enhance your already landscaped and hardscaped Columbia, MO home or business. Water features are expertly designed for your individual home or business. We work hard to design and install our water features exactly as you wish. A water feature is something you will enjoy for a long time and your family and friends will cherish the memories you make while enjoying time around the water feature and landscaped areas.


Gorgeous pond with custom landscaping aroundWaterfalls

Who doesn’t love waterfalls? Everyone loves the sound and look of a waterfall. Why not have your very own waterfall at your Columbia, MO home or business? It add a beautiful and different and will attract clients to your business as well as friends and family to your home. WestCo Grounds Maintenance designs and installs waterfalls at a fair price and we only use the best materials around. Give us a call today if you are looking for something a little different that will stand out.



Ponds and streams are a favorite in Columbia, MO, especially when combined with landscapes. A beautiful stream flowing through a landscaped area is gorgeous. Ponds are a great idea for larger areas, where you can fully enjoy the sight and sound of a pond. We offer ponds to fit all areas, but larger areas are great for ponds and landscapes. It truly sets the area apart from the rest. WestCo Grounds Maintenance has all the answers to your water feature needs. Let us help your outdoor area look great.

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