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Lawn with the right amount of watering keeping it healthyDrainage is important to the survival of all your landscapes. If you have landscapes it is important to have drainage solutions for them. When it rains some lawns and landscapes pool water. This can cause its own problems such as more mosquitos. If you own a business or home in the Jefferson City or Columbia, MO areas give us a call today for all your drainage problems. WestCo Grounds Maintenance guarantees that we will have a solution for all your drainage needs.


Landscape Drainage

When your landscapes don’t drain properly they end up with roots that rot and the plants or trees will eventually die. It is important to have proper drainage solutions or you will end up spending lots of money on flower and tree replacements over time. WestCo Grounds Maintenance offers affordable landscaping drainage systems for both Jefferson City, MO residential and commercial businesses. Let us help you have the best outdoor landscapes in the region. Our professionals are all licensed and insured to work in the area.


Lawn Drainage

Many times when it rains, your lawn does not drain properly. This causes your lawn to hold water. This is not good for your grass or for you. Standing water attracts mosquitos and other insects. It also makes it impossible to enjoy your lawn, because it has water everywhere. WestCo Grounds Maintenance has an option for every drainage problem. If you are in the Jefferson City area, give us a call today and let us help you turn your lawn and landscapes into a healthy beautiful outdoor area.