Jefferson City, MO Lawn Care Service – Mulching


Landscaped front and back yard with mulching through the flower bedsWestCo Grounds Maintenance offers all landscaping services to our Jefferson City, MO residents and businesses. Among those services is mulching. Mulch is used to make your home or office look great. Mulch comes in many different options and is used to decorate around trees, flower beds, and other areas. If you need any type of mulching, give us a call today. We are able to handle both small and large projects and will design and install all types of landscapes and hardscapes.


Mulch Uses

Mulch not only is for decorative purposes. Mulch is also used as a nutrient and drainage system for your landscapes. We offer mulch in many different colors and types. Our mulch is either shredded or chipped and designed for your individual needs. We also use gravel in certain areas as well to help areas stand out even more. If you live in the Jefferson City, MO area and need mulching services for your business or home, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.



Mulching is important to make your landscapes look great. WestCo Grounds Maintenance offers gravel services to your Jefferson City home or businesses. Gravel and mulch makes your landscapes stand out, but using both it can add a unique touch to home or business. If you are wanting any type of mulching service, contact us today. We design, install, and maintain all landscapes, hardscapes, as well as mulching. You may not realize that designing is a large part of what and where to mulch as well as what type of mulch or gravel should be used. WestCo Grounds Maintenance offers many great services, give us a call today to ask us any questions or to schedule an appointment.